Wishes For All

May God keeps your heart

young and lively,

May God keeps your mind

fresh and healthy,

May God give your soul

happiness and satisfaction,

Till the last birthday

And may you have

really beautiful life

with whom you love most.

Wish you a nice and

spectacular Birthday today.


Birthday Wish For Old Friend

You are actually heading

towards the great sense

of calmness and freedom.

When every passion and

emotion apply brakes and

you feel free from all pressures

and responsibilities.

Well come to oldies group.

Happy Birthday Dear.


Blast On 20th Birthday

Enjoy living as much as you can

Have fun with friends

Laugh out loud,

Go out with girlfriends

Eat a lot but drink limited

Forget about future and

just chill.

Enjoy having twentieth

Birthday blast.

Happy Birthday Sweetie.


Sweet Collection Of Birthday Wishes From Best Birthday Wishes.