Fabulous Day

May you live long, Happy Birthday

This is a fabulous day, be happy.

This is your day, enjoy it and spend it with your friends.

May you get everything in your life, Happy Birthday.

May success be your partner at every stage of life. Happy Birthday

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Best Birthday wishes offers you best collection birthday cards and birthday wishes. Select any suitable card to send birthday wishes to your friend and make his/her day more exciting and enjoying. Not limited to birthday cards, you can also read these wishes in lyrics form at birthday party, it will give more honor to birthday boy or girl.

How To Send Happy Birthday Wishes

It is very obvious that everyone has a desire to get wished and Happy Birthday Wishes are really good for wishing a person. Nowadays there are a lot of ways through which a person can be greeted on his birthday. Cards are the most common which tends to explain the feelings you hold for that person. These cards can either be classic ones but, with the advancement in the technological aspects, e-cards have become very popular source of birthday wishes.  The e-cards provide a lot more variety than that of the traditional cards and moreover, they are obtained free of cost. There are many websites which have a vast range of e-cards that can also be customized as per the recipient’s choice.

new happy birthday card for your friend

Another great way of saying Happy Birthday Wishes is to give it in person. Wish anyone on a face to face manner is considered to be the most effective way to convey your message as well as your emotions and feelings. You can always plan a visit to the place on the special day and wish him or her in a way that is purely yours. You can bring in flowers with you as they leave good impression and show your love and gratitude towards the person.

For the recipient, it is always a pleasure to be wished by the people in their life. This also increases the level of love and affection between them and tends to make the relationship stronger and better.

You can also add in a touch of humor within these birthday wishes accompanied with the wish. You can add in some jokes or funny moments that you have shared with the person which adds in the element of making the entire atmosphere light and funny. You can also add in a cartoon picture within your wishes which are in resemblance to the birthday person which is rather a unique idea.

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New Hopes For New Year

I want that when you get up

from your bed in the morning

Your face shines with the sparkling eyes

Your heart fills with new hopes

Your mind with new ideas

For new year, new life…

Everything seems new

happy and bright.

May all I wish for you

come true on your birthday.

Happy Birthday


Surprise Birthday Party

I have a strange feeling for you

Today something will happen

Something strange and mysterious

Get ready for anything unexpected

Be alert and keep your eyes open


Its your birthday and

There will be a surprise party

tonight from your friends…