Birthday Greetings For Him

Wake up with the happy face
Look at the sun with grace
see the date and Laugh out loud
Invite your friends and call your relatives
Arrange a party and get ready to hear
Prayers and wishes and…
Happy Birthday.


There is no end of my happines
As its your big day today
Wish you all my best wishes to you
My Dear Happy Birthday To You.


The sand of time is just trickling
Years are passing away
But dont take tension
Just chill
Enjoy the present and thanks
to God for having such beautiful life.
Happy Birthday.


Best Collection Of Birthday Greetings

From Best Birthday Wishes.

Heart Touching Birthday Greetings For You

I dont want to give any one

the opportunity to wish you

before me. Its your birthday again

And I am the first person

to greet you on this occasion.

Happy Birthday Dear.


You are like a princess for me

And your Birthday is really a big day

You deserve the royal treatment and

more love on this special day.

All my wishes and greetings are with

you. Happy Birthday.


Sweet Collection Of Birthday Greetings

From Birthday Wisher.

Keep Smiling

My pray for you on your special day

May God give you new dreams

New thoughts, new ways

New friends and happy days.

Happy Birthday And Keep Smiling.


You never look older

As I have been watching you

for many years…

May You look young forever

Keep smiling and live happily.

Happy Birthday Darling.


Great Collection Of Birthday Wishes

From Birthday Wisher.

Special Feelings

What a special feeling it is

When you come to know

That some one loves you

Every thing change

Every thing become fascinating

When you come to realize that

someone cares about you

Someone thinks about you

But the most beautiful thought

is that someone never forgets

your Birthday.

Happy Birthday My Dear


Sweet Collection Of Birthday Wishes

From Best Birthday Wishes

Wish You The Best

You are now at the phase

where you will face new challenges

You have to face it with courage.

We wish you all the best for future.

Wish you a very Happy Birthday

And bight life ahead.


You are my special gift came

from heaven, I am glad to have you,

I thank God for this blessing.

Happy Birthday Dear.


Heart Touching Collection Of Birthday Wishes

From Best Birthday Wishes.

May God Bless You

May God bless you with

Evergreen happiness,

Joyful fun,

Handsome personality,

Huge wealth

Bright future

lucky fortune

Most of all

God bless you with

Many Birthdays

with full of smiles and cheers.


Today is your special day

And most exciting day of the year

Think about the candles, balloons, gifts

and cake. Make good memories

go out and have fun

until your next birthday.


Best Collection Of Birthday Wishes

From Best Birthday Wishes.

Sweet Birthday Wishes

On Twentieth Birthday

Its your twentieth Birthday

And its a really important step

You are getting older

and beautiful, We hope God transform

you into a successful and healthy man.

Happy Birthday Young Man.


For My Sweet Angel

It was rain when you were born

That was not actually rain

That was angel’s tears

They cried because they

lost their most beautiful angel.

Happy Birthday My Dear Angel.


Heart Touching Collection Of

Birthday Wishes From Best wisher.

Its My Wish

My Wishes for Happy Birthday

Its hard to find words for you,

As you are so precious,

Its really  clear that

You are so close and near,

Not now and then, but

Throughout the year.

Happy Birthday.


I wish for you to have people to love,

people in your life who will care

about you as much as I do.

Hope that all you do

Bring joy for you.

Happy Birthday Dear!


Heart Touching Collection Of

Happy Birthday Wishes.

What Is Birthday

What is Birthday?

A smell of sweets,

Noises of party poppers,

A gathering of friends,

A decoration of cake,

A bundle of wishes,

A happy celebrations,

And a great happiness,

that never ends.


Sweet Collection Of Birthday Wishes.

My Birthday Wish

A year of fun and happiness is my

birthday wish.

Its the day of cakes and candles,

Fun and enjoyments,

Wish you happiness, prosperity

and success.

Happy Birthday To You…


Heart Touching Collection Of Birthday Wishes.